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A Special Thank You to Burke’s School

Oct 25, 2018

The Katherine Delmar Burke School is a longtime partner of The Richmond Neighborhood Center, providing not only financial support and sponsorship but also indispensable volunteer work with many of our programs. It was a group of dedicated Burke’s parents that helped the Neighborhood Center create the Home-Delivered Groceries program in 2014 to connect neighbors with disabilities and mobility impairments with a delivery of fresh groceries each week. Their students and families have become familiar faces at our food pantries and Home-Delivered Grocery program, and the generosity of their community has helped our work reach thousands of our Richmond District neighbors.

Founded in 1908, Burke’s has long been committed to service learning, and has continued that tradition by working with the Neighborhood Center to bring hands-on food security curriculum to their classrooms. Each month a different grade studies food security issues in San Francisco, hosts a food drive, and puts their learning into practice by coming to work in the food pantry! Not only does this help build a generation of young people who are involved in their community, but it also ensures that there are enough hands to keep things up and running for our neighbors in need.

As one of the only all-girls schools in San Francisco, Burke’s is committed to empowering girls to be agents of positive change in their school, the community, and the world. At The Richmond Neighborhood Center, we believe this mission is more important than ever, and that by promoting a sense of equity and justice in the next generation we can build a stronger and more compassionate neighborhood.

We’re proud to partner with Burke’s, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support!