One Richmond is a community-driven initiative and neighborhood identity started in 2017 to bring the Richmond District together. It promotes shared values of Inclusiveness, Compassion, Civic Pride and Shopping Local. First proposed by Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, One Richmond was developed with the input of community members who shared their ideas about what makes the Richmond great, and what could make it even better.

One Richmond was founded with four guiding principles:

We’re inclusive: Unifying all Richmond residents, both old and new, across our diverse communities.

We take care of each other: Fostering a community where all our residents care for one another.

We take care of the Richmond: Developing a sense of ownership and responsibility for the Richmond District.

We shop and eat local: Supporting our small businesses by encouraging neighbors to shop and eat locally.

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The One Richmond Office

In June of 2019, The Richmond Neighborhood Center opened the One Richmond office at 802 Clement St. Neighbors and businesses are welcome to drop by to learn about the initiative and take the One Richmond pledge. Find out more about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, community meetings and neighborhood goings-on at the One Richmond website.

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Check the One Richmond website for up-to-date open hours: