epic summer camp


For rising 1st-5th grade students

Welcome to our EPIC SUMMER CAMP! We’re very excited to host a safe, in-person camp for your elementary school child. Registration for Summer 2022 is currently closed.

Dates: June 13 to July 22. Time: 9:30am-4:00pm. Priority will be given to those who can sign up for all 6 weeks. Location is still TBD (Camp will be held at one of our Richmond District Schools). We are only accepting rising 1st-5th graders. 

AM Care – 8:30am-9:30am

PM Care – 4:00pm-5:00pm

For information on cost, please click here: 2022 Summer Camp Sliding Scale

Click here to sign up for Summer Camp 2022: *Registration 2022

***Registration closed on March 18th

During our 6 weeks of camp, we will focus on reconnecting with nature, social-emotional learning, STEM, and fun
games, safely and together within our pods! Activities will include:

  • Circle / Story Time
  • Group Art Projects
  • Talent Show
  • Physical Exercise
  • Maze Building
  • Scavenger Hunts

We will be following all national, state, and county safety standards to provide a safe environment for all
students and staff. If you’re ready for your child to get back outside, have fun, and make new friends, then be
sure to register and get ready for a summer full of adventure!

Each Week’s Theme represents a student’s own Hero’s Journey throughout the 6 weeks of camp. A student enters camp, curious to know about what camp offers and activities. Then the student goes on an “adventure” which will require their “imagination”, “mystery” and “magic”. By the end of their journey of summer camp by Week 6: EcoHeroes, he/she has completed their own journey, leaving behind a “legacy” by giving back to their own community. Campers will focus on an age appropropriate literary work that corresponds to the week’s theme. *Books included in the descriptions are a small sample of genres campers will explore. Below is a breakdown of each week:

Week 1 Heroes’ Journey

With a focus on heroic journeys, students spend the week familiarizing themselves with their Camp Leader, new friends, and overall camp setting. Climb Mount Olympus and meet Percy Jackson or participate in mischief with the Monkey King. Campers end the week with a heroic water balloon championship!

Week 2 Adventures

Campers will jump into an amazing and enchanting week of adventure! Come fall into a Jumanji board and escape through the jungles of the game. Emerge through a wardrobe and meet a wise, talking lion. Explore alternate universes and unknown territories by participating in activities based on adventurous books!

Week 3 Imagination

A week focused on the importance of Imagination. Epic Campers will explore Where the Wild Things Are and chase a white rabbit into Wonderland all the while using their own imagination to create fantastical realms for others to explore. Come with me and you’ll be/ In a world of pure imagination…

Week 4 Mystery

Stories of mystery sweep through Camp as Leaders prepare our Campers for a Friday Scavenger Hunt! Students will work together in teams to solve mysterious riddles and become Legends of Story Book Summer Camp. Campers will step into the shoes of Harriet the Spy or Nate the Great and use their magnifying glass to do some detective work.

Week 5 Magic

Play a game of Quidditch and learn the science of making potions. Be careful where you point your wand and cast your spell as you might turn your Camp Leader into a frog! This week Campers will explore the realm of magic, strange happenings and special powers.

Week 6 EcoHeroes

Campers have gone through a five week journey of self discovery of their inner hero, fun adventures of exploring different worlds, solving mysteries with friends, using their imaginations, and experiencing magical encounters. Now, Epic Campers will participate in our  “EcoHero” final week of camp by showing their strengths to help the community. Campers will work together with combined skills to come up with their own solutions to help the environment. This week we encourage campers to be active and practice mindfulness!

The Richmond Neighborhood Center Summer Together program prioritizes families with these criteria:

  • Residents of HOPE SF, public housing, RVs and SROs
  • Families that are experiencing homelessness
  • Children in the foster care system
  • English language learners
  • Low-income families, with a focus on historically impacted communities, including people who identify as African American, Latino/a/x, Pacific Islander, and/or Asian
  • Families who receive free or reduced lunch benefits

Higher enrollment priority will be given to applicants who are multi-system involved (part of more than one of the priority populations).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at registration@richmondsf.org.