lafayette showcase

Elementary Program Showcases Celebrate Another Great Year

Jun 4, 2019

This May, our elementary school youth were excited to put on their annual Spring Showcases for their families and friends! The celebrations featured everything from songs and dances to art installations and science projects, and gave everyone an opportunity to look back at all the fun, creativity, and accomplishments of their past school year in The Richmond Neighborhood Center’s programs.

Check out the photos below!

mccoppin showcase

Youth at McCoppin Elementary School put on a play they adapted from their favorite book, “The Day The Crayons Quit”

peabody showcase

We had a great crowd at George Peabody Elementary School’s showcase

alamo showcase

Alamo Elementary School students hold a Dance Dance Revolution competition on the playground

lafayette showcase

Students at Lafayette Elementary School help their classmates at the Self Care Booth

argonne showcase

Youth and their families gather at the Argonne Elementary School showcase