Richmond District Lunar New Year Art Competition – win prizes!

Jan 22, 2024

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Richmond District Lunar New Year Art Competition – Celebrating the Year of the Dragon in the Richmond District
列治文區農曆新年藝術競賽 – 慶祝列治文區的龍年

Join us in commemorating the auspicious Lunar New Year by showcasing your artistic skills in our art competition dedicated to the Year of the Dragon! Embrace the spirit of this vibrant cultural celebration and let your creativity soar as we invite artists of all ages and backgrounds to interpret and portray the mythical dragon in captivating forms.

Theme: Lunar New Year Celebration in the Richmond District

The art competition’s central theme revolves around celebrating the Lunar New Year in the Richmond District.

Participants are encouraged to interpret this theme through

1. Illustration: Traditional or digital artwork. 插畫:傳統或數位藝術作品。
2. Photography: Images capturing Lunar New Year elements. 攝影:捕捉農曆新年元素的圖像

The competition is designed to accommodate three distinct categories: Child (1 – 12 Year old), Youth (13 – 17 years old) and the general public (18 and above). Participants require parent/guardian consent if under 18.
比賽設計為三個不同的類別:兒童(1 -12歲), 青少年(13-17歲)和一般公眾(18歲及以上)。未滿18歲的參賽者需要獲得家長/監護人同意。

Important Dates:

Registration form and Artwork Submission Deadline:  February 8, 2024

Exhibition and Public Voting Period: February 13, 2024 to February 20, 2024
展出及公眾投票日期:2024年2月13日 至 2024年2月20日

Winner Announcement: February 22, 2024

Judging Criteria:

Panel of judges will pick the exhibition finalists. The artworks selected as finalists will be exhibited at One Richmond office (Address: 802 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118) for public voting. Awards will be presented to the top three winners in the Child and Youth category, as well as the overall winner in the general public category.
由當地藝術家組成的評審團將根據以下標準挑選決賽作品,入選的作品將在「One Richmond辦公室」(地址:802 Clement Street,San Francisco,CA 94118)進行公開投票展覽。獎項將會頒發給在兒童和青少年組別中的前三名獲獎者,以及在一般公眾組別中的總冠軍。

– Creativity of the artwork (originality, creativity, appeal)
– Aesthetic quality (design, composition, colors/tones)
– Application of the theme in the artwork
Lunar New Year Celebration in the Richmond District


Categories and Prizes 組別和獎品:

Child (1 -12 Years Old) 兒童(5至12歲)

First Place: $188  第一名:$188現金
Second Place: $138
Third Place: $88

Youth (13 – 17 Years Old) 青少年(13至17歲)

First Place: $188 第一名:$188現金
Second Place: $138
Third Place: $88

Open (18 Years+) 公眾(18歲或以上)

Overall Winner: $188 總冠軍:$188現金

Winners will be contacted to receive the prizes at One Richmond Office.
獲獎者將被聯繫,前來One Richmond辦公室領取獎品。

Forms of Submission and Guideline 提交形式和指南

1. Illustration (Traditional Artwork)


Specifications 規格:

– Paintings, drawings, or calligraphy on paper or canvas. 紙上或畫布上的繪畫、素描或書法。

– Size: maximum 11” x 17” poster or canvas 尺寸:最大11” x 17”的海報或畫布。

– Completely original artwork 完全原創的作品。

Theme Interpretation 主題詮釋:

– Illustrations should vividly portray the Year of the Dragon theme, drawing inspiration from traditional beliefs, myths, and artistic interpretations. 插畫應生動地描繪龍年主題,從傳統信仰、神話和藝術詮釋中汲取靈感。

Submission 提交:

– Original artwork mail or drop off to CYC 11th Ave office (918B Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118) to Sharon Guo by February 10, 2024. 您可以將作品在2024年2月10日前郵寄或送至社區青年中心列治文區辦公室(地址:918B Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94108),給Sharon Guo。

– Limited one artwork submission per participants for this category. 本類別每位參賽者限提交一份作品。

2. Photography (Images Capturing Lunar New Year Elements)


Specifications 規格:

– Images capturing scenes, objects, or moments related to Lunar New Year celebrations, decorations, rituals, or cultural elements. Ensure the photographs highlight the essence and symbolism of Lunar New Year traditions. 捕捉與農曆新年慶祝活動、裝飾、儀式或文化元素相關的場景、物件或時刻的圖像。確保照片突出農曆新年傳統的本質和象徵。

– Completely original artwork 完全原創的作品。

Content Guidelines 內容指南:

– Photographs should showcase Lunar New Year elements such as decorations, traditional clothing, festivities, rituals, family gatherings, or symbolic items associated with the celebration. 照片應展示農曆新年的元素,例如裝飾品、傳統服飾、慶祝活動、儀式、家庭聚會或與慶祝活動相關的象徵物品。

– Completely original artwork 完全原創的作品。

Submission 提交:

– File Format: High-resolution images in JPG or PNG format, providing clear and well-composed visuals. 文件格式:JPG或PNG格式的高解析度圖像,提供清晰和結構良好的視覺效果。

– Email your images to Sharon Guo, at 將照片發送至Sharon Guo的電子郵件(郵箱。

– Limited two images submission per participant for this category. 本類別每位參賽者限提交兩張照片。

More information on the form: