In addition to our regular after school programs at Lafayette Elementary School, youth may also choose to participate in a variety of on- and offsite enrichment classes! Learn more about the classes offered in Spring 2020 below.

Please note, there will be no enrichments during Parent-Teacher Conference Week, March 9-13, 2020 or Spring Break, March 30-April 3, 2020. There will also be no enrichments on February 25 or April 21, 2020. School will be closed on January 20, January 24, February 17, and May 25

Onsite Enrichment Classes

Offsite Enrichment Classes


Tinkering (Onsite)

Ages: Rising 1st-5th Graders
Price: $330 for 15 classes
Dates: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30PM; January 13-May 26, 2020
Location: Lafayette Elementary School – Room B4 (Ms. Tang’s Classroom)

Imaginations run wild as students make toys, then play with them! From moldable sand to foosball to creating and sharing their own board games complete with rules and goals, students will discover what makes a toy fun, and use critical thinking to evaluate what “fun” means. Compare different kinds of play, does everyone have the same taste in toys? Find out! Students explore shape, structure, and design in this class focusing on the science behind toys.​ Learn more here.


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Dance (Onsite)

Rhythm & MVMNT

Ages: 1st-2nd Grade
Price: $252 for 14 classes
Class Size: 4-14 Students
Dates: Tuesdays 2-3PM, January 13-May 22, 2020
Location: Lafayette Elementary School Auditorium/Multipurpose Room

Rhythm & MVMT focuses on creative movement using rhythmic exploration, multicultural storytelling and gymnastics.



Ages: 3rd-5th Grade
Price: $270 for 15 classes
Class Size: 4-14 Students
Dates: Fridays 2-3PM, January 13-May 22, 2020
Location: Lafayette Elementary School Auditorium/Multipurpose Room

AcroDance is a multicultural beginning acrobatics and dance class inspired by folkloric dances of Haiti, Brazil, Philippines and more. The class also incorporates rhythmic exploration, live drumming and self-expression through students’ own choreography.


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Capoeira (Onsite)

Ages: 1st-5th Grade
Price: $300 for 17 classes (1st-2nd Grade); $280 for 16 classes (3rd-5th Grade)
Dates: Wednesdays 2-3PM (1st-2nd Grade), Fridays 2-3PM (3rd-5th Grade); January15-May 22, 2020
Location: Lafayette Elementary School Auditorium

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that combines self-defense, dance and acrobatics. Developed by African slaves who needed to disguise their martial arts from slave masters and other authorities. Capoeira helps people of all ages develop self-esteem, coordination, rhythm, strength, flexibility, and collaborative skills. It incorporates physical movement and awareness, self-expression, discipline, community, musicality, and the Portuguese language. Jarrel “Chumbinho” Philips trains and teaches under the guidance of Mestre Urubu Malandro, founder of Capoeira Ijexa.

What You Should Know

  • Space is Limited
  • Students should wear loose clothing, uniforms (ABADA preferred), girls (tank tops, t-shirts), boys (tank tops, t-shirts, or no shirts at all)
  • Parents/guardians are not required to stay with your child during class. In fact, we ask that you please drop your child/children off and come back towards the end of class to pick up your kids. The time alone is easier for the coach and other instructors (children behave differently away from their parent/guardian) to create the space necessary for them to function independently, build and bond with their coach, and not have to deal with more than one authority figure in the environment. Thank you for understanding. However, if we feel that your child needs you, we will ask you to stay.
  • Please feel free to contact Jarrel Phillips for more information at or (415) 350-2222.

Register 1st-2nd Grade

Register 3rd-5th Grade

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Chess (Onsite)

Ages: K-5th Grade
Price: $238 for 17 weeks
Dates: Tuesdays 2-3PM; January 13-May 26, 2020
Location: Lafayette Elementary School Library

Learn chess in a fun, engaging, and dynamic environment. Our philosophy is to instill the love of the game.  As a result, we’re able to witness firsthand our students developing patience, strategic planning ability, and critical thinking skills. They also come to understand that decisions, both on and off the chess board, result in consequences. Class caters to all levels and all participants receive our exclusive workbooks. If you have any questions regarding the program, please feel free to call (888) 44-CHESS.


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Cooking (Onsite)

Ages: K-5th Grade
Price: $290 plus $110 Materials and Ingredients Fee (20% Discount for Returning Students!), Aprons Included; 10 Sessions
Class Size: 18-20 Max
Dates: Thursdays 2-3:15PM, January 13-May 22 2020
Location: Lafayette Elementary School

Chef Lamia is a private chef, pastry baking manager, and cooking instructor in San Francisco. She enjoys sharing her passion for food, teaching food science, demonstrating food safety, and imparting the importance of healthy eating. Students are challenged to discover new flavors and to expand their palates. Introduce yourself to cooking basics and international cooking techniques, and learn Chef Lamia’s secret recipes so that you can share them with your loved ones!

Questions? Contact Lamia Spohn at


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Guitar Lessons (Onsite)

Ages: K-5th Grade
Price: $360 for 18 classes
Class Size: 8-18
Dates: Tuesdays 4-5PM, January 13-May 22 2020
Location: Lafayette Elementary School Library/Multipurpose Room

Here, at Gran Guitarra, students will learn guitar basics along with some fun songs to play. Your kids will learn the parts of the guitar, some simple melodies, and some great songs that they know and love. They will also learn how to sing and play at the same time. Your kids will learn with group participation and individual attention. This course will put your kids on a musical journey. It will be a great starting point for developing their lifelong love of music.

WHAT TO BRING : Students do not need to bring anything other than their guitar packets and guitar they receive the first day of class (if they choose to rent one—they may also just bring their own from home)


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Purusha Yoga (Offsite)

Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids at Purusha Yoga Studio

Ages: K-5th Grade
Price: $120 for 8 classes
Dates: Mondays 3:15-4:15PM
Location: Purusha Yoga, 3729 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Somatic Yoga, movement and mindfulness for children in grades K-5 provides a safe, fun and inviting space. In this class, students will learn yoga poses and sequences that improve strength, inner power and flexibility as well as balance, imagination, and grace. The class is fun, yet well guided, providing enjoyment and routine for best results.

Your child may be picked up and dropped off from Lafayette Elementary School as part of this program, with 8 week sign-up. This class is part of the Lafayette Enrichment Program and is offered by the Purusha Seva Project. All are welcome—you do not have to be a Lafayette family.


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Creative IQ Art Classes (Offsite)

Location: Creative IQ, 3423 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121
Click Here for More Information

Jump right into an exploration of your creativity and bring out your inner artist! Have fun while learning fundamentals of art, drawing, painting, color theory and more. With individualized instruction and hands-on experience, learn how to both draw what you see and draw from your imagination.

Creative IQ programs promote creative arts literacy, community involvement in the arts, cultural enrichment, social creativity, interpersonal social skills and creative self expression. With the help and instruction of local creative professionals, students get first hand experience making and displaying their own original paintings, illustrations and arts & crafts projects in an active arts environment.

Creative IQ has partnered with Lafayette Elementary After School Enrichment Program, offering pick-up and drop-off for your children between Lafayette Elementary School and Creative IQ Art Studio for our after-school art classes.


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BlueStone Pottery (Offsite)

Ceramics for Kids

Ages: 6-10 Years
Dates: Wednesdays 2-4PM, January 8-February 26, 2020 (8 classes); March 4-May 20, 2020 (10 classes)
Location: BlueStone Pottery, 3425 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

Get your hands dirty in clay and learn all the basic techniques in ceramics! Learn wheel throwing, pinch potting, slab work, coiling and glazing. Materials and snacks included.


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Woodworking at The Butterfly Joint (Offsite)

Ages: K-5th Grade
Location: The Butterfly Joint, 4411 Cabrillo Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

Lead by Danny Montoya, Lafayette parent and credentialed early-childhood educator with more than a decade of experience in the classroom and 20+years in education, The Butterfly Joint offers after school classes that instill the importance of focus, problem-solving, resilience, determination and responsibility through the timeless art of woodworking. Along with woodworking skills, The Butterfly Joint focuses on teaching children manners and personal responsibility.

Winter/Spring After School Classes are held Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Classes are from 3-5pm to allow other schools to join but Lafayette families can add pickup from Lafayette and an extra “pre-hour” prior to the 3:00 start time for an additional fee. During this “pre-hour” (1:50-3:00pm), the kids will have free-time, complete homework, or spend a little time at Cabrillo Playground (weather permitting)


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