The Richmond Neighborhood Center Elementary School After-School Program has a three-step process for application. Please use an email address that you check regularly to apply. For assistance, please email or call (415) 751-6600.

At the Richmond Neighborhood Center we value equity in both our participants and our program offerings. As such, we are not a first-come, first-served program, but we do give high consideration to families that submit their application by the deadline. In reviewing applications we consider gender and grade balance, as well as academic and financial need.

Due to staffing and space limitations we may not be able to provide all applicants a placement in the program. Failure to complete all steps of the registration may also result in placement on the waitlist.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Complete application on Configio
  2. Submit income documents for sliding scale tuition
  3. Receive placement offers/waitlist status via email. Families must accept and set up payment to hold their spots

Tuition Information

Parent Handbook


Stage 1: Complete Application on Configio

Step 1. Create or log-in to a Configio account.

  • Go to the “Youth” tab at the top of the page and select your child’s school
  • Go to the “Register Today” button at the bottom of the school page

Step 2. Complete The Richmond Neighborhood Center Elementary ASP Application.

  • Complete all required forms and upload or email any necessary documents to
  • Don’t forget to include key information such as allergies, medication and any other additional support that may be necessary

Step 3. Click “Check Out” and process order.

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your application after you have finished this process. If you did not receive an application confirmation, check your email spam settings and be sure that you can receive emails from
  • Due to limited capacity, not all applicants will receive a placement offer. Your placement in the program is NOT guaranteed until you accept your placement offer and pay.

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Stage 2: Submit Income Documents for Sliding-Scale Tuition, if Applying

Submit any documentation required for sliding scale tuition by June 23, 2022.

  • 2020 Tax return, W2, OR pay stubs from Oct, Nov & Dec 2021
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Notification Paper if applicable

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Stage 3: Accept Placement Offer & Set Up Payment

Round 2 of acceptance emails will be sent out mid-June. Those who are waitlisted will receive email notification stating the next steps (be sure to have an up-to-date email that you check regularly on your Configio account). Richmond Neighborhood Center is not responsible for lost emails or emails that have gone to your spam forlder. If you do not receive either of these notifications, please contact us at

Step 1. Check your inbox for an email from

  • Once you have received an offer email, click “CLICK HERE” in acceptance email

Step 2. Log in to your “Existing Account”

  • Choose “Existing Participant”

Step 3. Select “subscription Date” (Any date before 7/5 for ARG, Any date before 8/5 for rest of the sites)

Step 4. Complete the transaction: Click “Purchase Subscription”

  • Input credit card information
  • Click “Process Order” a Green check mark means “DONE” (you should receive confirmation email)*

*If any steps are incomplete, this may result in the loss of the offered placement in the program. This process must be completed for each child.

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If you would like to change/update your current ongoing payment method:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in, then click “My Account”
  3. Select “Payment Method”

Alternatively, any payment changes can be scheduled by emailing


If you would like to withdraw your child from the after-school program, please notify your Program Manager and send an email with withdrawal date to

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Alamo, Argonne, George Peabody, McCoppin, and Lafayette accept a limited number of Kindergarten–5th grade students. Students must attend the partner schools in order to enroll in The Richmond Neighborhood Center program. If accepted, Kindergarten students enter a three-week trial period to determine if they are able to adjust to the long school day. If they are unable to participate fully, we can evaluate their participation mid-year.

Additionally, The Richmond Neighborhood Center works closely with partner school principals and faculty to identify and assist families. Each year we work with our schools and families to reduce the wait lists at our sites. Families can apply for the Neighborhood Center program by completing an online application (link above).


Payment is due on the 5th of each month. Late payments will be charged an extra fee of 10% of monthly payment. Families who miss one tuition payment will become delinquent in their accounts and will be given a deadline to make these payments in full. Failure to meet this deadline will result in immediate suspension from The Richmond Neighborhood Center program until payments are made.

The Richmond Neighborhood Center strives to keep our tuition costs affordable. Pursuing and processing late payments is detrimental to our resources and takes attention away from our programming. We ask all families to be responsible and submit tuition on time (inquire about our convenient auto-pay options).

If you are interested in qualifying for the sliding scale options, you must include your 2021 income tax return form 1040 or talk to The Richmond Neighborhood Center administration. Be sure to include your medical information. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. If your family is unable to pay the current monthly tuition or feel your monthly rate does not reflect your current financial situation, please contact us. We can work out an arrangement!

To learn more about tuition fees and payment, please visit our tuition page.

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