Join Camp BEACON for a summer full of sports, cooking, field trips and all kinds of summer silliness! This camp is available to all rising middle school students.

DATES: June 10-July 19, 2019
TIME: 8-11AM (AM Camp); 11AM-5PM (Core Camp)
LOCATION: Presidio and Roosevelt Middle Schools, specific location TBD
COST: 6-Hour Core Camp – $250 per week; Core + AM Camp – $300 per week
($50 registration fee included)
*Sliding-scale pricing is available for SFUSD free and reduced lunch families—details here*

Registration opens Monday, February 18


Click Here to Register

The non-refundable $50.00 registration fee deposit must be paid before 3/31/2019! You will lose your spot if the deposit is not paid by the deadline.


WEEKLY Summer Squads

Experiments, explosions, and elaborately engineered “ewwww”s await you if you dare! Put on your lab coat and join us for a summer full of slimy silliness and serendipitous scientific discoveries—your crew of mad scientists awaits!

Beacon Ballers
If spending your summer shooting hoops, running to the end zone, hitting it out of the park, and making goooooooals, then this is the squad for you. Join your teammates for tournaments, tasty training treats, and touring the best spots to play ball!

Are you bursting with creativity and just can’t wait to get your hands on a needle and thread or some spray paint? The craft corner at Camp BEACON is ready for you with art supplies, extra hands, and a great crew to turn your ideas into reality!

Urban Explorers
Escape to the far reaches and explore the interesting, intriguing, and intricate streets of our city! You will navigate your way through narrow alleys, neighborhood parks, and little-known enclaves of SF natives. Grab your Clipper Card and get going!

Unsolved Mysteries
No one knows what’s happening to our nosy neighbors at Camp BEACON. We’ve heard stories of spine-tingling encounters, spy training, and sleuths on the hunt for clues. Only you can crack the code and solve these mysterious mind-bogglers!

Do you dream of dim sum, 7-layer dip, dark chocolate, and days spent in a kitchen full of fantastic aromas and flavors? Wake up and smell the Thai iced tea! With a team of chefs and taste-testers at your side, you’ll fill your summer with delectable dishes and delicious desserts!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all the summer squads available each session? Does the camper get to pick which theme they want or do they rotate among them? The listed offerings in Camp BEACON are chosen “summer squads” within our camp. Campers will choose an activity and follow that activity for the remainder of the one- or two-week session. For example, if your camper chooses the STEAM Team for Session 4, they will be assigned to “Gearhead Garage” with Jacob as their program leader. Your camper, along with 14 other campers, will do a different activity daily within that content area like learning how to change a tire, RC car obstacle course racing, or building a box car. Youth choose per session and all summer squads are offered each session. Click here for the list of all of our summer squads for Camp BEACON 2019.
  • What do campers do in extended care (how do you keep them off their phones, or not)? We are concerned with huge amounts of screen time as well! We changed up our extended care schedule to meet that need. During our 8-11 AM Camp, we ask youth to sign up for an “Early Risers” camp or “Late Risers” camp based on their usual start time. We keep them pretty busy in the morning in an environment where youth have a product or project that they are responsible for. Click here for our 2019 AM Camps.
  • Is this the first time we have had a summer camp at Roosevelt Middle School? We have had summer camp on and off at Roosevelt for the last few years. Most often we hosted K-12 summer programming at Washington High School for about 380 students. This year we are re-branding with a middle school-focused camp on the sunny side of the Richmond.


For more information call 415.770.5851
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